Kids tend to wolf their food down without much thought, cramming it all in so they can move speedily onto the next more exciting thing.

Banana Maca Cake

Combining work and looking after the kids, as well as  maintaining a sugar free household, can be tricky if you don't have quick, tasty snacks to hand.

Tomato Ketchup

As the temperature dips, we've been making warming dhals, soups and stews for the kids. But sometimes all they want is fish fingers or chicken goujons with sweet potato chips...

Fresh Basil Pesto

Along with tomato ketchup, pesto is an everyday staple in our house. My daughter constantly makes demands for pesto pasta. At the supermarket I feel a bit inundated with so many brands on offer...

Cheese Stars

It can be difficult to find party food that looks yummy to kids and tastes great, while still trying to avoid nasty hidden sugars. Even the friendly looking gluten free Pom-Bear crisps contain sugar.

Anzac Biscuits

We took a large tin of these Anzac biscuits on arecent camping trip to East Sussex with 8 families. Persuading the kids to swap a sugar laden chocolate digestive for one of thesewas easy - and they weren’t disappointed!