My name is Philippa and as a television documentary director with a busy, relentless schedule I had a sense of just how much diet affected my work and lifestyle. So when I got pregnant for the first time six years ago I tried to discover as much as I could about children's nutrition from friends and books.

In every Mum's anecdote and serious academic tome, there was one dynamite ingredient: sugar. So I decided to give my kids an artificial sugar free diet until the age of three.

The effects have been amazing. Now my son is eight and my daughter is five both happy and healthy, with very even temperaments that have allowed them to flourish creatively and mentally. Of course there are a lot of factors involved, but I think a lot of it is down to the food they eat.

There have been lapses and disasters on the way (kid’s parties! Christmas!) But friends are often asking about recipes and goodies made with no sugar. And I’ve become pretty passionate about it. There are just so many serious obstacles to good nutrition - advertising, social pressure, relatives. And the incredible amount of sugar we consume has just started to be noticed by the mainstream media. So I decided to start this blog…

Philippa x