Crunchy Oat Cookies

After school activities are a big deal these days - football, ballet, swimming, kickboxing -  kids need to be properly fuelled before and after. And they are growing too. So they need long lasting energy to boost them during exercise and recovery. 

Claudia's Seeded Crackers

Last week a good friend shared that despite her best efforts to reduce sugar in her kids’ diets by day, as soon as the children were tucked up in bed she couldn’t help herself reaching for the chocolate digestives

Chocolate Coconut Bars

After one of our sugar free workshops, last week the group were inspiredto make small yet significant changes to their diet. The meal that they said they would struggle most with making changes to, was breakfast.

Sweet Courgette Cake

Often mums say to us, ‘ it’s so inconvenient to go sugar free, we don’t have the spare time or desire to bake all the time’. The first step is to make a start.

Easy Picnic Tortilla

Just mentioning the words sugar free food in conversation brings out heightened emotion. It either makes people want to talk or retreat. Food invokes memories of childhood - happy and sad.

Banana Coconut Bread

In the same way that sugar has been exposed as being seriously damaging to your health, processed meat is just starting out on a similar journey from widely accepted to pariah status.

Maca Cacao Super Smoothie

The cells in our bodies renew themselves every seven years. Based on that cycle, we want everything our children eat up to the age of 7  to be super nutritious for them.  The key to healthy cells is healthy eating.

Chickpea Pancakes

Getting the right balance of vitamins into your kids can be tricky. It's common for children to be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA fish oil, which help with brain function, magnesium for the nervous system...

Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

At home it's easy to keep the kids happy with great looking sugar free food, but upon arrival at a kids party the rainbow coloured burst of sugary treats is hard for us to resist, let alone police the kids intake.