10 Reasons Why a Sugar-Free Childhood is Best

10 Reasons Why a Sugar-Free Childhood is Best

Here are 10 reasons why a childhood free from processed sugars is the best option:

 1.Stronger immune system: Too much sugar can supress your immune system, deplete the body of vitamins and minerals, making you susceptible to infection.

2.Healthier teeth: More than a quarter (28%) of 2-5 year olds have cavities – sugary foods and drinks can cause tooth decay.

3.Steadier moods: Fluctuations in blood sugar levels are associated with changes in mood. If you cut out sugar, you’ll break the cycle of high blood sugar peaks followed by the crash.

4.Healthier bodies: Eating too much sugar increases the risk of poor bone density and type 2 diabetes. Sugar contains calories but no nutrients, which is why it plays a huge part in childhood obesity.

5.Calmer minds: Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety and concentration difficulties. 

6.Happier tummies: Excess sugar can cause bloating and stomach upsets.

7.Feeling fuller, longer: The fructose found in sugar can affect the hormones that control hunger, causing them to signal to your brain you aren’t full – which is why you get “Mummy can I have some more”…

8.Better choices: The more a child eats super sweet processed foods, the less appealing real naturally sweet foods seem – foods that contain the nutrients they need.

9.Less risk of long-term health problems: Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and many other health conditions have been linked to high sugar intake.

10.  You just don’t need it! This blog will show you why….

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