Chocolate  Digestive Biscuits

Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

At home it's easy to keep the kids happy with great looking sugar free food, but upon arrival at a kids party the rainbow coloured burst of sugary treats is hard for us to resist, let alone police the kids intake.

One friend of ours told us she fed her kids just before taking them to parties, so they didnt feel hungry. It's an extreme  solution, but it can be so difficult , especially with two parties in one day as sometimes happens. 

When we throw a party there are a few key tactics we deploy to keep things cool. We serve water only - no juice and no choice in the matter - the kids never care! Blueberries instead of raisins - one punnet of blueberries contains the same amount of sugar as just ten raisins. Fresh fruit instead of dried. Some delicious home made sausage rolls. And finally these sugar free digestive biscuits go like gangbusters every time - made with just a tiny  amount of natural sweetner - they are a smash hit with the kids. 


To make 15

125g oatmeal flour ( fine) 

125g light rye flour

50g of coconut palm sugar

Pinch of sea salt

1 tsp baking powder

75g coconut oil ( melted) 


50g coconut oil

1 tbsp raw cacoa

1tsp vanilla essence

50g brown rice syrup or honey

Preheat the oven 180 degrees and grease two baking trays or line with greaseproof paper. 

Mix the rye flour, oatmeal, baking powder, salt and coconut palm sugar into a bowl. Really stir them together well . Then pour  melted coconut oil into the mixture and knead the dough together, if it needs a little more liquid add a couple of tbsp's of  hot water. You have to work quite quickly, as it starts to go crumbly which makes it much harder to work with.  Take a biscuit cutter and make 15 circles ( or any shape you like).

Place these on the tray and place in the oven for around 10 minutes.  They should have lovely tanned edges when baked. 

When the biscuits have cooled, place all the topping ingredients in a heatproofbowl over a pan of simmering water and slowly stir them together. Once melted drizzle the chocolate over half the cooled biscuits. Leave them to set.

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