Crunchy Oat Cookies

Crunchy Oat Cookies

After school activities are a big deal these days - football, ballet, swimming, kickboxing -  kids need to be properly fuelled before and after. And they are growing too. So they need long lasting energy to boost them during exercise and recovery. 

When you are having to pay for the activities it makes sense to help your kids get the most out of them. It’s easy to get into the habit of a sugary treat in that little gap between school pick up and activity - but keep it healthy and everybody wins. 

As a precursor to sport, a cut up apple with nut butter works a treat in our house as do bananas -  a well known high-glycemic carbohydrate source. 

And don’t rely on sports centres and gyms having healthy snacks to buy from their cafes or vending machines. They are usually junk dispensers -  with chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks. At a place where everyone's goal is health and fitness, it is totally baffling. 

To replenish the energy after exercise I make these cookies.  So simple to bake and delicious, I whizz up double the amount and keep them in the biscuit tin to grab a couple for them to eat on the journey home. The slow release of energy from the oats keeps them fuelled until suppertime. 


2 1/2 cups of oats

1/2 cup coconut sugar

1/1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

pinch of salt 

Handful of sultanas/dried cranberries/raisins/sugar-free choc drops... 

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tbsp almond milk

1/3 cup of brown rice syrup

1/3 cup of coconut oil

In a small saucepan, slowly melt the coconut oil.  Add to this the milk and syrup to make a syrupy mixture. Once done, set aside to cool down and heat the oven to 170 degs.

Whizz the oats in a food processor until they are are rough flour mix and place them in a large bowl with the coconut sugar, powders and salt. Give them a big mix and then pour the syrup mixture into them and mix again.  With a wooden spoon fold in the sultanas.

 On a couple of lined baking trays place walnut size balls of the dough.These biscuits really do spread so make sure you leave enough space between each one. 

Place in the oven for around 12 minutes and then take out and leave on tray to harden before placing onto the cooling tray. 



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