Cupboard Essentials

Cupboard Essentials

As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to sort through your food cupboards and root out all that refined sugar.   

It's deeply satisfying to give away all the sugar packed cans, tins and perishables that you no longer use

You could dig out the fizzy drinks, squashes and fruit drinks that contain mega high levels of sugar and put to use a simple water filter instead.

We found that when you are trying to cut back on the amount of sugar your children are consuming, having only core, basic and healthy baking ingredients in your cupboard helps the cause.

Here are our 13 absolute must haves, and some of the brands that I like to use. 

1. Coconut oil – I use this every day to replace cooking oil, its health benefits are unbelievable and is used in many sugar free recipes - BIONA or CHI

2. Rice syrup – Biona organic

3. Manuka or raw honey – Greenbay

4. Maple syrup – Waitrose Organic

5. Desiccated coconut

6. Raw cocoa powder and nibs (these are great anti-oxidants) 

7. Cinnamon(it helps regulate blood sugar levels) 

8. Ground almonds, almonds, cashews, pecans (or any kind of raw nut) 

9. Sultanas and raisins

10. Dates, fresh and dried

11. Vanilla pods

12. Almond and rice milk – Rice-dream /RUDE health

13. Buckwheat flour

All of the above are healthy sugar alternatives. The honey and dates have a high GI, but have wonderful nutritional benefits too. And children love them. 

Apple and Berry Crumble

Apple and Berry Crumble

Fresh Basil Pesto

Fresh Basil Pesto