Sesame Chickpea Bites

Sesame Chickpea Bites

As soon as the alarm goes off in the morning it’s go go go - sorting breakfast, last minute homework, finding that elusive piece of school uniform. It’s a rush. Often the lunchbox is last on the list. Lots of mums have confided in me about their panic when faced with the empty lunchbox. What goes in? Is it healthy enough but will still gets the kids excited so they actually eat it unsupervised?

So here are my tips for a healthy but enticing lunch box every morning:

1) Include colourful and small fruit and vegetables such as  blueberries, raspberries, physylis, strawberries, cherries, cut up sharon fruit or pineapple, and the always fun satsumas. 

2) Add little slices or chunks of vegetables: cherry tomatoes, carrot, celery and bite sized pieces of cucumber. 

3) Alongside this try avocado hummous spread on crackers or wheat-free bread, falafels or mini quiches.

4) Our food of choice this week are eggs. Quails' Eggs make a fun alternative - fast to boil and peel and easy to pop into their mouths.

5) ITSU's seaweed thins are also a firm favourite. They have the crunch factor that kids love,  like the healthiest crisps you could imagine. 

6) Alternate daily a piece of cheese with a small yoghurt, it helps to limit the dairy. 

Of course being super organised and making food the night before helps the time management problem. How often does that actually happen? But storing up leftovers from supper - more grown up foods such as pasta dishes, rice, pieces of salmon, quinoa salads - can all be put in the lunchbox.

Below is another wonderful staple that’s a fantastic source of fibre, and delicious eaten hot or cold.


2 tbsp coconut oil plus  a little extra for cooking at the end

1 aubergine cut into cubes

1/2 small onion

1 tin of chickpeas ( 400g) 

1 garlic clove chopped into small pieces

1 large tomato

2 cups of oats

A pinch of sea salt

1 carrot, grated

10g parsley chopped into really small pieces

A packet of sesame seeds poured onto a plate

Heat the coconut oil over a medium heat and add the onion. Saute until a hint of brown. Add the aubergine, add more oil if its needed and then a pinch of salt.  Add the tomato and cook until soft. 

Place this mixture with the chickpeas, garlic and carrot into the mixer and blend until it is a rough texture.  Stir in the parsly and oats and mix really well. Then make the mixture into little burger shapes and drop them onto the plate of sesame seeds and turn them over so they are well coated.

Saute the burgers in coconut oil until they are golden. 

You can serve these with salad, rice, dips, homemade ketchup... even pesto.



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